Co-working Space in Portland, Maine

Shared Office Space just got easier

Creative CoWorking Environment

Executive Office Centers is the longest standing shared office space in Portland, Maine. With numerous tenants from various backgrounds (e.g., web marketing, network, lawyers, etc.) there are plenty of networking and sourcing opportunities. Common meeting areas help foster the creative co-working environment with several conference rooms for more formal events. But you can also close your office door when the hard-thinking work begins. Plus with plenty of parking and a bank as well – you may never have to leave your office space.

Co-working is:

a style of work that involves a shared working environment, often an office, and independent activity.

See: What is Co-working

Coworking Space for Rent

Imagine a shared office space in Portland Maine for rent where professionals from many disciplines come to do business daily. One might meet around the watercooler with an attorney, doctor, environmental scientist, any number of varying disciplines. When it comes time to seek help from one of those disciplines, having first-hand knowledge of a nearby professional can speed up coordination and cooperation. These casual acquaintances can easily turn into business relationships with fewer barriers than usually exist to developing such relationships.